The scientists and analysts who use the Phenotype Foudation software and set out its future course.

Each major application field (nutritional, metabolic, toxicogenomic etc.) has a representative in the Scientific Community, formed by scientists with experience in study data analysis and with vision on the needs in the field.

Board Member(s) representing the Scientific Community acts as a liaison between the Scientific Community and the Board, bringing in the main user requirements as material for the dbXP roadmaps, and making sure that the roadmap is carried out consistently over the different dbXP databases and software products.

For every major dbXP software product, the Scientific Community appoints a Product Liaison to which the programmers can refer if they have questions about implementation or usage of the product. The Liaison will clear major decisions with the Scientific Community.

The Scientific Community convenes every month to discuss the progress of database and software development, prioritize features and bugs, identify standing issues which would require intervention of the programmers or updates of the roadmap, exchange best practices for usage etc.

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