Software support and tester at The Hyve

Jolanda has a Master degree in Chemistry from the University of Utrecht in the field of Biochemistry. She has extensive experience as a data manager in Clinical Trials and Investigator Initiated medical studies, both in a commercial and an academic setting.

At the Hyve she provides functional support to users of applications developed and/or supported by The Hyve. She is also involved testing (newly developed) software and creating user documentation on this software.

Project manager at the Hyve

Jochem studied Biomedical Sciences and Bioinformatics. He has done research projects in the field of computational systems biology and molecular dynamics computer simulations.

As an intern at The Hyve he finished his master’s degree with a focus on technical requirements for the integration of different molecular data types (e.g. from genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics).  He then joined The Hyve as a data scientist and is currently working as a Project manager.

Developer at The Hyve

Peter studied Computer Science at the TU Delft and obtained a PhD degree from the same university in 2014. For his PhD he investigated methods for integrative visualization for whole body molecular imaging data. This work focused on multi-modality registration, fusion and visualization of bioluminescence imaging data, which is applied in cancer research to monitor tumor growth. This was a collaboration with the image processing department (LKEB) at the Leiden University Medical Center.

His interests are in the fields of computer graphics, scientific and information visualization, machine learning and the application of these in life sciences and other scientific fields. He also has experience as a freelance software developer, doing various types of projects ranging from mobile app development to projects in medical visualization.

A new and improved version of the Phenotype database is available. The main changes compared to V1 are:

  • New User Interface
  • Introduced a timeline to the “Design” part, to simplify study design
  • New importer with many performance improvements
  • Many fixes to the analyses/visualization functionality
  • Improvement of displaying large amounts of data
  • Updated short and extended manual

Click here for the source code

Click here for the short manual

Click here for the extended manual