The Phenotype Foundation mission is to empower scientists, within various communities of practice, with standardized software and knowledge stores to store, manage, and retrieve information and data on genotypes and phenotypes.

Achieving this mission requires the completion of four complimentary aims:

    1. Include the existing study database initiatives.


    1. Identify, recruit, and organize appropriate scientists into communities of practice who will benefit from the development and use of standardized knowledge stores and software for the purposes of characterizing phenotypes from studies.


    1. Utilize the knowledge and expertise of these identified scientists to guide the design and development of the software and knowledge repositories capable of assisting in the characterization of phenotypes.


  1. Structure and create the necessary databases and software the programming.

We have identified critical initial and continuing requirements that will be addressed by the Phenotype Foundation:

    • A governance and decision-making structure for community commodities (i.e. the data and databases);
    •  A Scientific Advisory Board to enumerate and characterize the scientific priorities and needs of the Phenotype Foundation;
    • A Technical Advisory Board, to guide the dbXP platform hosting decisions, as well as design and development trajectories;
    • Neutral and sustainable ownership of code, trademarks and domains for all dbXP software and databases;
    • Be a representative entity for the promotion and use of dbXP software and database structure;
    • Initiate, guide, and interact with relevant bioinformatics and database owning organisations;
    • Ensure continuous hosting and maintenance of all public dbXP databases;
    • Raise funds to support the above activities.


    • The Phenotype Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD) to be elected every two years with two being elected in any given year.
    •  The BOD shall be comprised of seven Foundation members with at least one member representing the Technical Advisory Board, and at least one member representing the Scientific Advisory Board.
    • The Board of Directors will meet at least twice per year.
    •  Scientific and Technical Advisory Boards will each meet at least every month
    • The main tasks of the Board of Directors are to define, refine and implement the strategy of the Foundation as mentioned above, and specifically to set and update the roadmap for dbXP software development that is carried out by the Programmers Community.


    • Membership of the Foundation is open to everyone who shows active participation in dbXP (e.g. uploading of data, programming of modules, acquirement of funding).
    • Membership applications are decided upon by current Foundation members
    • The Members of the Foundation elect their Board every two years.

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