The programmers and bioinformaticians who contribute to the various projects that are hosted at the Foundation

The Foundation has a Technical Community, formed by the subset of members who are active dbXP database programmers. Membership of the Technical Community is open to all programmers that actively commit in one of the dbXP program modules (see e.g. Scientific Advisory Board serves as advisors on topics related to biological relevancy and utility.

Board Member(s) representing the Technical Community is responsible for guiding the programmers in the implementation of the roadmap set out by the Board, and handles communication between the Board and the Technical Community.

For every major dbXP software product, the Technical Community chooses a Release Manager who is responsible for guarding the software development process and packaging monthly releases of the software products.

For every major dbXP database, the Board appoints a Database Manager who is responsible for maintenance, updates and backups of the database.

The programmers that commit to the core dbXP program modules sign a Contributor’s Agreement, which assigns the copyright in the code to the Foundation. This is necessary to maintain a clear legal status (guarantee that no individual or organization can hold IP rights over the code). The Foundation will define in its statutes that it will always provide all dbXP code under an OSI-approved open source license, thus ensuring the project sustainability.

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